A Guide for Canadian Couples marrying in Italy

A Guide for Canadian Couples marrying in Italy

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Legal requirements for Canadian citizens getting married in Italy

Besides Planners, we have been legal consultants for the Italian internationalization offices! This experience allowed us to gain deep expertise in foreign affairs.

Navigating foreign legal protocols can be daunting and our comprehensive guide is here to help you understand the procedures for Canadians getting married in Italy and ensuring that your marriage is recognized in Canada.

Understanding the Marriage Nulla Osta for Canadians Marrying in Italy

The journey of love for a Canadian in Italy begins with understanding the concept of the Marriage Nulla Osta. This critical document acts as an affirmation instead of the Certificate of Non-impediment to Marriage Abroad and verifies that there are no legal obstacles to your marriage in Italy. This essential difference sets it apart from the free status and is a necessary step for the legal procedure of marriage in Italy for Canadians. Each partner, if both Canadian citizens, needs a separate Marriage Nulla Osta.

This document can only be obtained from the Embassy of Canada in Rome, Italy, and holds validity for six months post its issuance.

For Canadians holding dual nationality (Canadian & Italian), you would be required to marry as Italian nationals. In this case, you should reach out to the marriage office of the Comune (municipality) in Italy or an Italian Diplomatic Mission in Canada for appropriate guidance (AIRE).

Guidelines to Obtain the Marriage Nulla Osta

The application for a Marriage Nulla Osta, a cornerstone for a Canadian getting married in Italy, can be done by mail or in person. However, it’s important to remember that in-person applications are entertained by appointment only. Normally, a complete application takes approximately five business days to process.

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Checklist for Marriage Nulla Osta

For a seamless journey towards obtaining your Marriage Nulla Osta, ensure that you provide:

A sworn marriage affidavit.
Necessary supporting documents.
Payment for consular processing fees.

By ensuring that you carefully follow these steps, you can have your dream wedding in Italy with all the legalities seamlessly taken care of. Remember, getting married in Italy and having your marriage recognized in Canada can be a smooth and hassle-free process with the right guidance and support.

Who will be your Counselors and Planners

Due to our experience in law firms and the foreign offices of the Italian public administration, we gained significant expertise in Consular affairs, and we are trained to solve the most complicated procedure such as:

1) Nulla osta process, legalization procedure, Court hearings for the refusal of the town hall when there documents missing , legal translation, apostille procedure, emergency procedure for legalization.

2) Same-sex couples that want to celebrate a civil union in Italy as in their country the union is forbidden;

3) Couples that come from countries where divorce is not allowed;

4) Italians living abroad registered at AIRE that need to recover their document to start the marriage banns in the Italian Consulate;

5) Assistance with people that come from countries that do not release the nulla osta;

6) American and Australian couples who needs assistance with “atto notorio” in an Italian Court or the Italian Consulate in the USA or Australia.

7) People with refugee status who have requested asylum in Italy.

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