Wedding at Sala Rossa in Rome

How to get a marriage license in Italy

Get Legally Married in Italy with a Civil Wedding Recognized in Your Home Country Obtaining a marriage license in Italy as a foreign citizen involves several steps and specific documentation. Here’s a comprehensive guide to help you navigate the legal requirements for a civil wedding in Italy. Get Legally Married

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Chinese bride getting married in Italy

How Hong Kong Citizens Can Legally Marry in Italy.

Get your paperwork to legally marry in Italy as a Hong Kong citizen For Hong Kong citizens planning to marry in Italy, understanding the legal and bureaucratic requirements is crucial for ensuring that the marriage is recognized both in Italy and internationally. This article provides a clear breakdown of the

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Australian bride and groom are signing legal paperworks

How Australians Can Get the Atto Notorio to Marry in Italy

Planning your dream wedding in Italy has never been easier for Australians, thanks to our specialized legal consultancy services. Forget the daunting paperwork and the maze of legal requirements. Our unique approach eliminates the need for you to produce any documents for the Atto Notorio, making your journey to saying

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Lawyers discussing a case in Italy for a foreign couple marrying in Italy.

Marriage Lawyer in Italy: Ensuring Your Dream Wedding

Family Law Attorney in Italy: Comprehensive Legal Assistance for Foreign Couples seeking legal support in Italy. Envisioning a wedding in Italy of foreigners conjures images of romantic landscapes and historic backdrops, making it a prime destination for couples from around the globe. However, the process of legally marrying in Italy

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A German couple kissing each other after a civil wedding in Italy.

Quick Guide for foreigners getting married in Italy

Understanding Legal Requirements for Getting Married or Establishing a Civil Union in Italy: A Guide for Foreign Couples Foreign citizens can validly contract a marriage in Italy according to the Italian civil rite or with a religious rite valid for civil effects in their country of provenance, according to the

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Singaporean citizens getting legally married in Italy in an Italian town hall.

How can a refugee marry in Italy?

Get assistance to get married in Italy with a refugee status without obtaining the Nulla Osta. On the website of the Ministry of the Interior has been published the Circolare No. 1 of January 12, 2022 on “Nulla osta for a refugee foreigner who intends to contract marriage in Italy“. The

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A couple holding hands on the main beach in Positano, looking in opposite directions.

Get Married in Positano

Legal Support for Foreigners willing to get married in Positano with a Civil Wedding. More and more people are choosing to realize their dream wedding in one of the world’s most stunning locations: Positano. The local municipality offers couples the opportunity to hold their ceremony on the magnificent terrace of

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Civil Wedding in Sorrento

Civil Wedding in Sorrento

Discover the Magic of a Civil Ceremony in Italy’s Coastal Jewel Sorrento, a captivating town perched on the picturesque Amalfi Coast, has become a magnet for couples from around the world seeking a civil wedding in a setting of unparalleled beauty. Known for its breathtaking views, rich history, and romantic

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Same-sex couple in elegant tuxedos walking on a mountain after a helicopter ride over the Dolomites.

No VISA Requirement for Marriage or Civil Unions in Italy

Civil Unions and Marriages in Italy: A Legal Overview Italy, renowned for its rich cultural heritage, offers robust protections not only for civil unions but also for marriages. Over the years, certain municipalities have showcased a deep sensitivity towards upholding the rights outlined by the “Legge 20 maggio 2016, n.

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