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Legal Support for your Wedding in Italy

At The Legal Wedding Planner, our team consists of experienced planners, legal consultants, and lawyers specializing in foreign affairs within the Italian public administration. We possess the expertise necessary to analyze your individual case and navigate the complexities of Consular Affairs and Court Hearings.

We initiate and manage the procedures to obtain the Marriage Nulla Osta, ensuring you can legally marry in Italy. Our team is adept at selecting the appropriate course of action, even in cases where your authorities might deny the issuance of the Nulla Osta.

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Special Cases We Handle

  1. Couples Without Nulla Osta: Assisting couples to marry by appealing to the competent Court in Italy when Nulla Osta is not available.
  2. Same-Sex Civil Unions: Support for same-sex couples desiring to celebrate their union in Italy, especially from countries where such unions are not recognized.
  3. Divorce Restrictions: Aid for couples from countries where divorce laws create barriers.
  4. Italians Abroad: Assistance for Italians living abroad and registered at AIRE in recovering documents for marriage banns at Italian Consulates.
  5. Nulla Osta Challenges: Helping individuals from countries that do not issue the nulla osta.
  6. American and Australian Couples: Specialized assistance with the “atto notorio” process in Italian Courts or Consulates in the USA and Australia.
  7. Refugee Status: Support for individuals with refugee status seeking asylum in Italy.

Our dedicated team of wedding planners and legal professionals will guide you through every step of the process, ensuring a smooth journey to your wedding day in Italy.

The Team

Alessandro Pirrò

Co founder & Legal Consultant


Consular Affairs Expert

Marianna Meccariello

Co founder & Administrator

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