How does registration at AIRE work for Italians abroad?

How does registration at AIRE work for Italians abroad?

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The declaration of expatriation and request for registration in the A.I.R.E. must be submitted by the person concerned to the relevant consular office within 90 days of the transfer of residence abroad and entails simultaneous deletion from the Register of Resident Population.

The appropriate application form and the necessary information for submitting the request can be found on the websites of the Italian consular offices abroad.

It is still possible-even after 90 days to go to the consular office to apply for registration in A.I.R.E., thus regularizing one’s registry position.

If an Italian citizen decides to transfer their residence abroad, prior to the transfer, they can make a declaration of expatriation to the Italian municipality of residence by filling out Annex 2 (ministerial model), in the following ways:

  • at the counter of the Registry Office during the indicated public opening hours;
  • electronically at the indicated e-mail addresses;
  • by fax to the following numbers: 0131 515117 – 0131515361
  • by registered mail addressed to: Ufficio Anagrafe/A.I.R.E. Municipality of Alexandria, Piazza della Libertà, 1 – 15121 Alexandria.
    In case this declaration is submitted by fax or telematically, a copy of the identity document of the interested parties must be attached.

    The expatriation and A.I.R.E., registration declaration form must bear the signatures of all persons of legal age.
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The following must register for A.I.R.E.:

Citizens who transfer their residence abroad for periods exceeding 12 months;
Those who already reside abroad, either because they were born abroad or due to subsequent acquisition of Italian citizenship for any reason.

You do not have to register with the A.I.R.E.:

  • If you are going abroad for a period of time of less than one year;
    seasonal workers
  • Permanent state employees serving abroad who are notified under the Vienna Conventions on Diplomatic Relations and Consular Relations of 1961 and 1963, respectively;
  • Italian military personnel serving in NATO Offices and facilities deployed abroad.

Persons wishing to apply for membership in the A.I.R.E. must apply to the Italian Consulate in their place of residence by presenting the following documents:

valid Italian passport;
proof of stable and legal residence abroad;

However, it is advisable to consult the website of the relevant Consulate/Embassy through the website of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (


Within 90 days from the date of expatriation.

It is, however, always possible even after the 90 days to go to The Consular Office to apply for A.I.R.E. registration, thus regularizing one’s registry position.


In the event that the citizen makes the declaration of expatriation to the municipality of residence, the name is registered pending the fact that the file can be finalized with the receipt of the consular communication (Cons01). (In this case, the effective registration date is that of the declaration to the municipality.)
If the compatriot, despite having reported to the municipality, does not subsequently go to the consular office, the measure remains suspended for one year. After this period has elapsed, the compatriot is deleted from the Register of Resident Population (A.P.R.) due to unavailability. Therefore, it is emphasized that it is important to present oneself punctually at the Consular Offices for A.I.R.E. registration.

In case the citizen makes the expatriation declaration directly to the Italian Consulate, the registration will be finalized in the two working days following the receipt by the Municipal Office, of the consular form (Cons01); in this case, the legally effective date will be the date on which the Registry Officer receives the Cons01 form.

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A.I.R.E. registration is free of charge.


Registration allows citizens to exercise all rights and duties according to each individual’s situation.


Law No. 470 of October 27, 1988
Presidential Decree No. 323 of September 6, 1989
Presidential Decree No. 223 of March 20, 1967
Law No. 104 of May 27, 2002


The Italian citizen residing abroad and registered with A.I.R.E. may apply for all certifications as if he or she were resident in the Italian territory and, following Assistance for Italian citizens abroad willing to get married in Italy. Get full legal support with Consular affairs and the entire bureaucratic procedure.
Bearing amendments on the subject of the active electorate must vote by mail at the consular district to which he or she belongs, without prejudice to cases of requesting to vote at home.
In this circumstance, the voter must produce a regular application expressing the option to vote in Italy no later than December 31, preceding the forecast of voting for the elections for the
political: House, Senate, and Referendum.

On the occasion of local elections, he will receive a postcard-notice informing him that he can exercise his right to vote only at polling stations in the Italian municipality of A.I.R.E. registration.

For elections of members of the European Parliament due to Italy, voters residing in the European Union will receive an electoral certificate from the Ministry of the Interior.

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Due to our experience in law firms and the foreign offices of the Italian public administration, we gained significant expertise in Consular affairs, and we are trained to solve the most complicated procedure such as:

1) Nulla osta process, legalization procedure, Court hearings for the refusal of the town hall when there documents missing , legal translation, apostille procedure, emergency procedure for legalization.

2) Same-sex couples that want to celebrate a civil union in Italy as in their country the union is forbidden;

3) Couples that come from countries where divorce is not allowed;

4) Italians living abroad registered at AIRE that need to recover their document to start the marriage banns in the Italian Consulate;

5) Assistance with people that come from countries that do not release the nulla osta;

6) American and Australian couples who needs assistance with “atto notorio” in an Italian Court or the Italian Consulate in the USA or Australia.

7) People with refugee status who have requested asylum in Italy.

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