How can a Brazilian get married in Italy

How can a Brazilian get married in Italy

Brazilian couple during a trip in Italy for they civil wedding.

Get to know how the nulla osta discipline for Brazilian citizens is slightly different from the others.

So, the Central Directorate for Demographic Services of the Ministry of the Interior kicked off 2009 with a bang by releasing Circolare No. 1 on January 8th, 2009, addressing the process for a “Brazilian-Italian marriage.”

This thing tackled the issue of marriage nulla osta that the Brazilian consulate issues to citizens who want to get hitched in Italy, a topic relevant for those searching for “marriage requirements for Brazilians in Italy.”

Now, for a while, a lot of folks who process civil wedding noticed that the nulla osta from the Brazilian consulate didn’t really meet Article 116 of the Italian Civil Code’s requirements, posing a challenge for those looking to “tie the knot in Italy as a Brazilian.”

Basically, it didn’t have marriage annotations on the birth certificate, and it referred to a statement by two people who knew the future spouses and said they had no impediments to tying the knot, a concern for those wanting a “smooth wedding process in Italy.”

But the final sentence was pretty vague and just said that the betrothed had to submit documents to prove they could get married, leaving those interested in “international marriages in Italy” confused.

Obviously, that’s not good enough to prove someone can legally get married in their home country, so civil registrars started rejecting the document, which alarmed couples planning a “Brazilian and Italian wedding ceremony.”

But no worries, both Italian and Brazilian authorities put their heads together and came up with a new “nulla osta” for Brazilian citizens in Italy, simplifying the process for “Brazilians marrying in Italy.”

The Italian Ministry of the Interior thinks it checks all the boxes required by Article 116 of the Civil Code, providing relief to couples planning their “Italian destination wedding.”

At the end of the day, the Ministry is asking Mayors to accept the declarations issued by Brazilian authorities in Italy that conform to the form we will provide you.

They’re also leaving the door open to possibly obtaining a nulla osta issued directly by Brazilian authorities, the so-called cartori√≤s, catering to those seeking “legal advice for international marriages.”

A Brazilian couple on a gondola after their civil wedding in Venice

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