Day: January 13, 2023

Get to know the steps to get married in Italy as a Norwegian citizen. Following new provisions issued by the agreements between Norway and Italy, the “nulla osta” for Norwegian citizens who wish to marry in Italy will no longer be issued by the Consulates and diplomatic missions of Norway accredited in Italy, but rather […]Continue reading

Certificates issued by the civil registry in Mexico are the only ones allowing Mexican citizens to contract marriage in Italy. Marrying as a Foreign Citizen in Italy – The “Nulla Osta” for Marriage In relation to the requirements and procedures to get married in Italy, specifically about the “Nulla Osta” to marriage as mentioned in […]Continue reading

Get married legally with a catholic wedding in Italy with civil legal effect in your country of provenance (matrimonio concordatario). We know that modern states are secularized and, therefore, indifferent to the religious affairs of the churches operating within them. It cannot be ignored, however, that Italy has deep roots and Christianity is an integral […]Continue reading