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Requirements for citizen from Japan willing to get married in Italy. Request for the Marriage Eligibility Certificate (NULLA OSTA) This certificate confirms that the individual is unmarried and has reached the legal age to marry under Japanese law. It can be requested at the Japanese Embassy in Rome or the Consulate General of Japan in […]Continue reading

Marriage requirements for foreign citizens gettin married in Amalfi Civil Wedding and civil unions in Amalfi can be held, upon request from the applying couples, at the following locations provided by the Administration: Hint: It is essential to reserve your wedding date well in advance. The fundamental document for the celebration of a foreigner’s marriage […]Continue reading

Legal requirements for Canadian citizens getting married in Italy Navigating foreign legal protocols can be daunting and our comprehensive guide is here to help you understand the procedures for Canadians getting married in Italy and ensuring that your marriage is recognized in Canada. Understanding the Marriage Nulla Osta for Canadians Marrying in Italy The journey […]Continue reading

Get you Nulla Osta and check marriage requirements to get legally married in Italy with a civil wedding. Are you a Slovenian citizen seeking to experience the charm of an Italian wedding? If yes, there are crucial legal requirements you must fulfill for your marriage to be legally recognized in Italy. One of these is […]Continue reading

Requirements for Romanians getting married in Italy: the Essential Guide So, you’re a Romanian citizen looking to get married in a beautiful town in Italy? Concerning marriage requirements for Romanians, you must obtain a declaration regarding your marital status and family composition. For this essential document, you’ll need a valid Romanian passport, identity card, and […]Continue reading

Italy is the fastest country for a Civil Wedding of foreigners in Europe. When it comes to choosing the best country for a fast and legally recognized civil wedding as a foreigner, Italy stands out as the ideal destination. As your legal consultants specializing in assisting couples with their international weddings, we understand the importance […]Continue reading

A quick guide to understand how to get your marriage nulla osta to marry in Italy as a foreigner. Italy is a dream destination for many foreign couples looking to tie the knot amidst its captivating landscapes and enchanting atmosphere.  A vital aspect of organizing a civil wedding in Italy is understanding the legal requirements, including the Nulla Osta or sworn statement […]Continue reading