How can a Mexican get married in Italy

How can a Mexican get married in Italy

Certificates issued by the civil registry in Mexico are the only ones allowing Mexican citizens to contract marriage in Italy.

Besides Planners, we have been legal consultants for the Italian foreign offices! This experience allowed us to gain deep expertise in foreign affairs.

Marrying as a Foreign Citizen in Italy – The “Nulla Osta” for Marriage

In relation to the requirements and procedures to get married in Italy, specifically about the “Nulla Osta” to marriage as mentioned in Article 116 of the Civil Code, it is to be noted that according to the italian “circolare” number 11, dated September 22, 2015, the Italian Ministry of Interior has instructed the civil status officials to accept certificates issued by the Civil Registries of the Mexican States, recognizing them as the sole certificates proving a person’s civil status.

Particularly, the new certificate of “Constancia de Inexistencia de Registro” confirms that there are no records in the name of the individual concerned.

The Consulate is not authorized to issue the “Constancia de Inexistencia de Registro” or the “Certificato di Stato Libero”.

The Federal Civil Code dictates that a person’s civil status can only be verified with certificates issued for this purpose by the Civil Status Office (from each state of the Republic) in Mexico.

This document can be requested by a relative if there’s no opportunity to do so independently, from the Civil Status Office of the state of the Republic where the person was born or resided. The name of the certificate or document may differ depending on the State.
Please note that the document should be valid for no more than six months from the marriage date in Italy.

Furthermore, the certificate issued by the Civil Status of Mexico must have the Apostille (Hague Convention) from the appropriate authorities in Mexican territory and translated by an authorized official interpreter into Italian.

This is because all Mexican documents, in order to be officially valid in Italy (both Mexico and Italy signed the Hague convention), must have an apostille.

It’s advised to have this translation done in Italy by an authorized interpreter to avoid any doubts regarding the translation’s validity.

The apostille is a certification that authenticates the signature, seal, or stamp on a document for countries that are party to the Hague Convention, to which both Mexico and Italy belong.

For this reason, the apostille for Mexican documents can only be provided by the relevant authorities in Mexico, since the Consulate is not authorized to do so.

Who will be your Counselors and Planners?

Law firm for marriage in Italy.

Due to our experience in law firms and the foreign offices of the Italian public administration, we gained significant expertise in Consular affairs, and we are trained to solve the most complicated procedure such as:

1) Nulla osta process, legalization procedure, Court hearings for the refusal of the town hall when there documents missing , legal translation, apostille procedure, emergency procedure for legalization.

2) Same-sex couples that want to celebrate a civil union in Italy as in their country the union is forbidden;

3) Couples that come from countries where divorce is not allowed;

4) Italians living abroad registered at AIRE that need to recover their document to start the marriage banns in the Italian Consulate;

5) Assistance with people that come from countries that do not release the nulla osta;

6) American and Australian couples who needs assistance with “atto notorio” in an Italian Court or the Italian Consulate in the USA or Australia.

7) People with refugee status who have requested asylum in Italy.

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