Nulla Osta

We will inquire about your competent Consulate in Italy attending the appointment on your behalf to obtain the marriage Nulla Osta whose signature will be legalized afterward by us at Italian Legalization offices.
Sometimes depending on religious faith, the procedure may change accordingly, especially for African, Middle East, and Asian countries.
There are also conventions that exempts your Consulate to issue the Nulla Osta, in this cases we will guide you through the procedure to get your document the necessary documents in your homeland​

Italian Government


Once the Nulla Osta is issued, we will use our slots booked at the competent Prefettura to legalize it quickly.
In case of an emergency, we can speed up this process by inquiring about the competent offices producing the documents that prove the emergency of your request (e.g., flight tickets).
Please note that only some of the Nulla Osta must be legalized since a convention between your country and Italy could have been signed.​

Legal Translations

The majority of foreign acts need to be legally translated. Our team will provide the quickest route whether this needs to be done abroad or at an Italian Court.

We attend appointments at Court on a daily basis to assist with legal transactions.
We collaborate only with certified legal translators abroad and in Italy when the legal system provides for their assistance.
Concerning consecutive interpreting, we propose you only certified and trained interpreters with a significant background in civil weddings of foreigners.

Civil Wedding in Rome in Sala Rossa.

Town Hall Affairs

Due to our long experience with civil weddings in Italy of foreigners, we know the majority of the main town halls in the Italian territory.

Our acquaintances and connections help us significantly to speed up the procedure to get you quickly married in Italy and to avoid bureaucratic obstacles.
Every town hall has its own praxis, and we can help you to select the one that better suits your needs in terms of timing and proximity to your location area.
We can also advise you on the town hall that allows you to get married in ancient historical buildings, in front of the sea or over the mountains.