Marriage Lawyer in Italy: Ensuring Your Dream Wedding

Marriage Lawyer in Italy: Ensuring Your Dream Wedding

Family Law Attorney in Italy: Comprehensive Legal Assistance for Foreign Couples seeking legal support in Italy.

Envisioning a wedding in Italy of foreigners conjures images of romantic landscapes and historic backdrops, making it a prime destination for couples from around the globe.

However, the process of legally marrying in Italy can seem overwhelming without expert legal guidance.

As premier marriage lawyers in Italy, our legal consultancy firm specializes in assisting foreign couples to navigate the complexities of Italian family law, ensuring a seamless and legally sound marriage.

Our Specialized Legal Consultation Services

Navigating the intricacies of marrying in Italy requires specialized knowledge and experience.

Our team of dedicated Italian family lawyers in Italy offers every kind of legal and consular services to meet the unique needs of each couple with their specific status and citizenship, facilitating the recognition of their marriage in Italy and their home country.

We are in contact with almost every Consulate that is competent for the Italian territory

German Embassy

With extensive experience in law firms and foreign offices of the Italian public administration, we excel in consular affairs and managing complex procedures such as:

  1. Nulla Osta Process: Expertise in legalization procedures, court hearings for missing documents, legal translations, apostille legal procedures for foreigners, and urgent legalization needs.
  2. Support for Same-Sex Couples: Assistance for same-sex couples seeking to celebrate a civil union in Italy, particularly from countries where such unions are not recognized.
  3. Guidance for Couples from Non-Divorce Countries: Specialized services for couples originating from countries where divorce is not permitted.
  4. Assistance for Italians Living Abroad (AIRE): Help for Italians registered with AIRE in obtaining necessary documents for marriage banns at the Italian Consulate.
  5. Solutions for Nulla Osta Challenges: Assistance for individuals from countries that do not issue nulla osta (Israel, Iran, Afghanistan, India).
  6. American and Australian Couples: Guidance on the “atto notorio” process in Italian Courts or consulates in the USA or Australia.
  7. Support for Refugees and Asylum Seekers: Tailored assistance for those with refugee status seeking asylum in Italy.
  8. Support citizens from countries where marriage is prohibited due to religious or political
  9. Coordinate with the Italian clergy, Curia, and Dioceses for Catholic weddings of foreigners and provide support for the “matrimonio concordatario,” enabling couples to have a legally recognized Catholic wedding if they so desire.
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Why Choose Our Marriage Lawyers in Italy?

  • Tailored Legal Advice: Our Italian family lawyers provide personalized legal advice, considering your unique situation.
  • Comprehensive Support: We offer a full suite of services, from legal counseling to logistical assistance, ensuring a smooth wedding experience.
  • Extensive Professional Network: Access to a broad network of legal and professional contacts across Italy.
  • Expertise in International Conventions: Our knowledge of international legal frameworks ensures your marriage is recognized globally.


Choosing to marry in Italy as a foreign couple is a beautiful decision that comes with its set of legal challenges.

Our marriage lawyers in Italy and family law attorneys are here to ensure that your wedding not only lives up to your dreams but is also grounded in legal certainty.

With our expert guidance, professional network, and deep understanding of Italian family law and international conventions, we promise to make your journey to the altar in Italy as smooth and joyful as possible.

For more information or to schedule a consultation, please reach out. Let us guide you through your dream Italian wedding with the expertise and care it deserves.

A groom tenderly caresses the cheek of his bride during their outdoor civil wedding ceremony in the countryside in Tuscany.

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