Civil Weddings in Siena

Civil Weddings in Siena

A groom tenderly caresses the cheek of his bride during their outdoor civil wedding ceremony in the countryside in Tuscany.

Civil Weddings in Siena: The Perfect Guide for Foreign Couples getting married in Tuscany.

Are you a foreign couple dreaming of a picturesque civil wedding in Tuscany?

Look no further than the enchanting Province of Siena.

Known for its historic charm and stunning landscapes, Siena offers a variety of beautiful venues perfect for a civil wedding, whether you’re looking for an indoor ceremony in a historic building or an outdoor wedding surrounded by nature.

Why Choose Siena for Your Civil Wedding?

Siena is a gem in the heart of Tuscany, offering a perfect blend of history, culture, and natural beauty. The city is renowned for its medieval architecture, vibrant piazzas, and breathtaking countryside. Here’s why Siena is an ideal location for your legal wedding:

  • Historic Venues: Siena boasts an array of historic buildings where you can legally tie the knot. These venues offer a unique backdrop that combines historical elegance with modern romance.
  • Scenic Outdoor Locations: For those dreaming of an outdoor wedding in Tuscany, Siena provides stunning natural settings that are perfect for a memorable ceremony.
  • Expert Wedding Planning: We specialize in assisting foreign couples with all the necessary paperwork and administrative tasks, ensuring your marriage is recognized internationally.

Top Locations for Civil Weddings in Siena

Siena offers a variety of venues for civil weddings, each with its own unique charm and ambiance. Here are some of the top locations:

Sala del Concistoro

The Sala del Concistoro is one of the most prestigious locations in Siena for celebrating your wedding. Situated within the Palazzo Comunale, this hall offers an elegant and historic atmosphere, perfect for an intimate and refined ceremony.
The frescoed walls and historic furnishings create a captivating setting that will make your special day unforgettable. Couples should choose Sala del Concistoro for its unparalleled historic charm and elegant ambiance.
The setting provides a timeless backdrop, making it ideal for those who want a wedding steeped in tradition and grandeur.

  1. Cost: Free for residents, €200 on weekdays and Saturdays, €300 on holidays for non-residents.
  2. Features: This elegant hall offers a grand setting for a classic wedding ceremony.
  3. Sala Palazzo Patrizi
    • Cost: Free for residents, €200 on weekdays and Saturday mornings, no availability on holidays.
    • Features: A historic venue with a refined atmosphere, ideal for an intimate wedding.

Sala Palazzo Patrizi

Located in the heart of Siena, the Sala Palazzo Patrizi is an elegant venue that embodies Renaissance charm with its majestic architecture and refined decor. This sophisticated setting is perfect for couples seeking a blend of historical grandeur and romantic ambiance.

For residents, the venue is free. For residents of the province, former residents, and those born in Siena, the cost is €200 on weekdays and Saturday mornings, not available on holidays. For residents outside the province and foreign citizens, the cost is €400 on weekdays and Saturday mornings, with no availability on holidays.

Couples should choose Sala Palazzo Patrizi for its rich history and cultural heritage, providing a memorable and exquisite environment for their wedding.

  • Cost: Free for residents, €200 on weekdays and Saturday mornings, no availability on holidays.
  • Features: A historic venue with a refined atmosphere, ideal for an intimate wedding.

Loggia dei Nove

The Loggia dei Nove, with its breathtaking views over the city of Siena, offers a unique and picturesque location for your wedding.
This open-air loggia is part of the Palazzo Pubblico and provides an exquisite backdrop of the Tuscan landscape, perfect for a memorable and photogenic ceremony.
Couples will appreciate the stunning vistas and the romantic open-air setting, which create an unforgettable atmosphere for their special day.
The Loggia dei Nove is perfect for those who want a wedding that combines historic significance with natural beauty.

  1. Cost: €300 for residents, €700 for non-residents on weekdays and Saturdays, €1,500 on holidays.
  2. Features: An open-air loggia that provides a stunning backdrop of Siena’s historic center.

Sala del Mappamondo

The Sala del Mappamondo, located in the Palazzo Pubblico, is a grand and opulent space known for its impressive frescoes and historical significance.
This hall is ideal for couples looking to host a lavish and memorable wedding in a setting steeped in art and history.
Choosing the Sala del Mappamondo ensures a wedding surrounded by masterpieces of art, offering a luxurious and culturally rich environment that will leave a lasting impression on all guests.

  • Cost: €5,000 for all.
  • Features: Located in the Palazzo Pubblico, this majestic hall is perfect for a grand and memorable wedding.

Foyer del Teatro dei Rinnovati

The Foyer del Teatro dei Rinnovati is a stylish and culturally rich venue located within one of Siena’s premier theaters.
This space combines the grandeur of theatrical design with the intimacy of a private ceremony, making it a unique choice for a wedding that stands out.
Couples should consider this venue for its artistic ambiance and the unique experience of celebrating in a space dedicated to the performing arts.
The Foyer del Teatro dei Rinnovati is perfect for those looking for a distinctive and elegant wedding venue.

  • Cost: €1,000 for residents, €1,500 for non-residents.
  • Features: A unique venue with theatrical flair, perfect for a dramatic and elegant wedding.

Sala Storica della Biblioteca Comunale degli Intronati

The Historic Hall of the Biblioteca Comunale degli Intronati is a charming and intellectual setting for a wedding.
Surrounded by ancient books and historical manuscripts, this venue offers a unique blend of cultural heritage and romantic elegance, perfect for literature lovers and history enthusiasts.
Couples will appreciate the rich literary atmosphere, making it an ideal choice for those who want a wedding that reflects their love for knowledge and history.

  1. Cost: €500 for residents, €1,000 for non-residents.
  2. Features: A historic library offering a scholarly and sophisticated setting.

Fonti di Pescaia

Fonti di Pescaia provides a stunning outdoor venue for those seeking a natural and serene setting for their wedding.
With its historic fountains and lush surroundings, this location offers a peaceful and picturesque environment, ideal for a romantic and unforgettable ceremony.
Couples should choose Fonti di Pescaia for its tranquility and beauty, perfect for an outdoor wedding that embraces the charm of the Tuscan countryside.

  1. Cost: €2,000 for all.
  2. Features: An outdoor location surrounded by nature, perfect for a romantic and serene ceremony.

Private Authorized Venues

Siena also offers private venues authorized for civil ceremonies, providing even more options for your special day:

Le Volte di Vicobello

Le Volte di Vicobello is a private and enchanting venue nestled in the countryside of Siena.
This venue offers a rustic charm with its beautifully restored architecture and scenic views, making it a perfect choice for a charming and intimate wedding.
Couples will be drawn to Le Volte di Vicobello for its romantic and secluded setting, offering a unique and memorable experience away from the hustle and bustle of the city.

  • Cost: €300 for residents, €500 for non-residents.
  • Features: A charming venue with rustic elegance.

Castel di Pugna

Castel di Pugna is a historic castle surrounded by vineyards and rolling hills, offering a fairy-tale setting for your wedding.
This venue combines the elegance of a bygone era with the natural beauty of the Tuscan landscape, providing a romantic and picturesque backdrop for your special day.
Couples should choose Castel di Pugna for its enchanting atmosphere and the opportunity to celebrate in a true Tuscan castle, making their wedding day truly magical.

  • Cost: €300 for residents, €500 for non-residents.
  • Features: A historic castle with beautiful views of the Tuscan countryside.

Grand Hotel Continental

The Grand Hotel Continental is a luxurious venue located in the heart of Siena.
This five-star hotel offers exquisite interiors, top-notch service, and a sophisticated ambiance, making it an ideal choice for couples looking to celebrate their wedding in style and elegance.
Choosing the Grand Hotel Continental means indulging in luxury and enjoying the finest amenities, ensuring a wedding that is both glamorous and unforgettable.

  • Cost: €300 for residents, €500 for non-residents.
  • Features: Luxurious accommodations and a sophisticated atmosphere.

Palazzo De’ Vecchi

Palazzo de’ Vecchi is a historic and elegant venue that offers a blend of Renaissance charm and modern luxury.
Located in the center of Siena, this palazzo provides a refined and sophisticated setting for your wedding, ensuring a memorable and stylish celebration.
Couples should consider Palazzo de’ Vecchi for its unique combination of historical significance and contemporary elegance, making it a perfect venue for a wedding that honors both tradition and modernity.

  • Cost: €300 for residents, €500 for non-residents.
  • Features: A historic palazzo with a timeless ambiance.

How to Get Married in Siena: Paperwork and Legalities

Navigating the paperwork and legal requirements for a civil wedding in Siena can be challenging, but we’re here to help. Our services include:

  • Assistance with Documentation: We guide you through the necessary paperwork to ensure your marriage is legally recognized.
  • Liaison with Local Authorities: We handle the bureaucratic process, working closely with local authorities to secure your wedding date and venue.
  • Consular Support: We provide support in dealing with consulates to ensure all international legalities are covered.

Plan Your Dream Wedding in Siena

Whether you’re looking for an indoor civil wedding in a historic building or an outdoor wedding in the scenic Tuscan countryside, Siena has something for everyone. Contact us today to start planning your perfect wedding in Tuscany. Let us handle the details so you can focus on celebrating your love.

Who will be your Legal Counselors and Planners?

Legal counselors for civil wedding in Italy

Due to our experience in law firms and the foreign offices of the Italian public administration, we gained significant expertise in Consular affairs, and we are trained to solve the most complicated procedure such as:

1) Nulla osta process, legalization procedure, Court hearings for the refusal of the town hall when there documents missing , legal translation, apostille procedure, emergency procedure for legalization.

2) Same-sex couples that want to celebrate a civil union in Italy as in their country the union is forbidden;

3) Couples that come from countries where divorce is not allowed;

4) Italians living abroad registered at AIRE that need to recover their document to start the marriage banns in the Italian Consulate;

5) Assistance with people that come from countries that do not release the nulla osta;

6) American and Australian couples who needs assistance with “atto notorio” in an Italian Court or the Italian Consulate in the USA or Australia.

7) People with refugee status who have requested asylum in Italy.

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