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Discover the Magic of a Civil Ceremony in Italy’s Coastal Jewel Sorrento, a captivating town perched on the picturesque Amalfi Coast, has become a magnet for couples from around the world seeking a civil wedding in a setting of unparalleled beauty. Known for its breathtaking views, rich history, and romantic atmosphere, Sorrento offers an unforgettable […]Continue reading

Tying the Knot in Italy: Essential Guide for Montenegrin Citizens Considering a picturesque Italian wedding? For couples where at least one party is a Montenegrin citizen, there are specific procedures you must follow. Read on to navigate the essentials seamlessly. What is the Nulla Osta al Matrimonio? Before diving into the nitty-gritty of marriage in […]Continue reading

Certificate of “NULLA OSTA” for marriage at the Argentinian Consulate in Rome To obtain the Certificate of Single Status (Nulla Osta for Marriage), it is imperative to schedule an appointment and appear at this General Consulate with the following documents: The “Nulla Osta” certificate is issued and delivered on the same day. In addition to […]Continue reading

Requirements for citizen from Japan willing to get married in Italy. Request for the Marriage Eligibility Certificate (NULLA OSTA) This certificate confirms that the individual is unmarried and has reached the legal age to marry under Japanese law. It can be requested at the Japanese Embassy in Rome or the Consulate General of Japan in […]Continue reading

Get to know all the legal requirement for Americans getting married in Italy Italy is a popular destination for weddings, both for Italian citizens and for foreign nationals. Many couples choose to marry in Italy for its beauty, history, and romance. But what about the legal implications of a marriage in Italy? Is a marriage […]Continue reading

In Italy, there are three types of marriage: civil, religious, and the so-called “matrimonio concordatario“. Civil marriage is a legal union between two people, while religious marriage is a union between two people who share the same faith. Please note that, concerning the Catholic wedding, the Catholic Church allows the marriage between a Catholic and an atheist upon specific conditions. […]Continue reading

Marriage requirements for foreign citizens gettin married in Amalfi Civil Wedding and civil unions in Amalfi can be held, upon request from the applying couples, at the following locations provided by the Administration: Hint: It is essential to reserve your wedding date well in advance. The fundamental document for the celebration of a foreigner’s marriage […]Continue reading